About Us

About Us Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center was established to support the development of medical biotechnology companies. This center initiated operations at Alborz Science and Technology Park in 2009, following preliminary approval from the Ministry of Health, Treatment, and Medical Education. Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center has hosted successful companies including Royan Stem Cell Technology Company and Celltech Pharmed Company during its time in the biotech ecosystem. Despite its organizational affiliation with Royan Institute, it can independently receive the activists of biotechnology fields.
This center aims to foster innovation in health and biotechnology by leveraging the knowledge of researchers and technologists to create value and an ecosystem. Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center for Fostering Innovation tries to provide a conducive environment for transforming ideas into valuable products. The Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center will reduce costs for technologists entering R&D and facilitate product commercialization. Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center has two units in Tehran and also in Alborz Technology Park, for the establishment of companies. This center supports knowledge-based companies in their semi-industrial phase. To support knowledge-based companies, Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center has equipped four research laboratories, including a general and dissection laboratory, a simulation laboratory, and a cell culture laboratory, and provided them to established companies that are applying, and are also ready to connect them with various departments to help companies Royan Institute to facilitate.
Connecting technologists with financing and investment institutions create an efficacious interactive space between researchers, technologists, and buyers of technology and products, helping to introduce and present products in exhibitions and product marketing. "Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center aims to fulfill its mission of transforming innovative ideas in health and biotechnology into new technologies and products with high added value, which is vital to achieving that goal. This center endeavors to play an effective role in converting knowledge into value."

Missions of Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center

The main goal of growth centers is to assist technology units in expanding their business. These centers provide the necessary conditions to deploy technology units, networking, and training for business basics. According to the statutes of the Royan Biotechnology Incubator Center, the goals of this center include the following:
  • Lay the foundations for the commercialization of research achievements
  • Creating an entrepreneurial environment and supporting the innovation and creativity of young researchers
  • Contribute to the development of the local technology-based economy
  • Lay the foundations for small and medium-sized knowledge-oriented and active technologists in the fields of technology
  • Lay the foundations for providing suitable job opportunities for technology graduates and entrepreneurs
  • Production and development of marketable technology products and processes